Playa de Palma Tourist Information

Playa de Palma is a superb 6km beach just east of Palma de Mallorca and a minutes from the island’s international airport. To its west is the beach of Can Pastilla and to the east is the small resort of Arenal. Strictly speaking the Playa de Palma stretches from ‘balneario’ number 1 at the entrance to Arenal as far as ‘balneario’ number 15 which marks the beginning of the resort of C’an Pastilla.

Most visitors refer to the whole beach as the Playa de Palma and there’s a long promenade stretching its whole length.

The great majority of visitors to Playa de Palma are German package tourists which is reflected in the high concentration of German bars and restaurants along the whole length of the seafront. There are a few British bars around but they aren’t easy to find. Interestingly as you head west from C’an Pastilla the Manchester pub is one of the last bars whilst the Liverpool pub is the first British place as you enter Arenal at the opposite side of side of Playa de Palma. There’s also a small selection of Dutch bars between ‘balneario’ number 2 and 3.

In recent years Mallorca has become a major destination for cyclotourism with an estimated 40,000 annual cyclists arriving on the island. Playa de Palma is a popular resort for cyclists where the almost traffic free road along the front is constantly filled with bicycles.

Renting bikes for a day is popular and is an ideal way to get to know the area. If this seems too hectic then just jump on the motorised train that runs back an to between Can Pastilla and Arenal. Another popular activity is kite surfing which attracts many youngsters to the Playa de Palma beach where conditions are often ideal.

There are plenty nice hotels lining the whole length of the Playa de Palma

S’Arenal at the east of the Playa de Palma is noticeable more Spanish with a few British bars on its streets. It has a small beach with a marina where you get great views all the way across to Can Pastilla and to the mountains beyond Palma. The number 23 bus from Palma goes to S’Arenal and then continues on to Agua City which is a popular waterpark nearby.

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