Flamenco Shows in Spain

Andalucia is the home of flamenco in Spain although precise origins of the dance form aren’t certain. During a visit to southern Spain you’ll be able to visit local bars and clubs where flamenco is performed or attend a show in one of the ‘tablaos’. Whilst these flamenco shows are performed for the tourist market they are of very high quality so don’t hesitate to get a ticket and enjoy a thoroughly excellent evening of entertainment. You’ll find information about flamenco shows in Spain in each section of our website where shows are easily accessible.

A few local tour companies in popular tourist destinations offer a range of flamenco shows with city tours that you can book before travelling. Some of these tours are scheduled which means that you will be part of a group when attending. Others are private which means that the city tour and show is arranged exclusively for your own party. Private tours are more exclusive than scheduled ones so they are more expensive.

Flamenco Dancer at El Palacio Andaluz in Seville
Flamenco Dancer at El Palacio Andaluz in Seville – Photo Credit: CC Tom

Alternatively, you can simply select a flamenco show that appeals to you when you arrive in Spain and attend independently. Below you’ll find links to information about flamenco shows in different cities in Spain with recommended venues and the option to book scheduled or private tours if you wish.

Flamenco Shows in Seville

Seville is reputedly the home of Spanish flamenco dance with its origins traced back to ‘Barrio Triana’ which is the neighbourhood across the river from the main tourist centre. You’ll find local flamenco clubs scattered around Seville as well as top class ‘tablao’ in Barrion Santa Cruz and near the bullring which attract tourist parties. Take a look at the following link to consider your options.

Flamenco in Seville

Flamenco Shows in Granada

The traditional Andalucia city of Granada stares up at the imposing Alhambra Palace. It is a city which breathes flamenco and offers the visitor a unique opportunity to watch a show in the Caves of Sacramonte in the gipsy part of town. Local operators will arrange to collect you at your hotel and provide return transport to the show.

Flamenco in Granada

Flamenco Shows in Cordoba

Whilst Cordoba’s love affair with flamenco dance is every bit as strong as it is in Seville and Granada there are less opportunities to see a show than in the other cities. Below we’ve listed your best options.

Flamenco in Cordoba

Flamenco Shows in Madrid

In spite of its distance from Andalucia Madrid enjoys a thriving flamenco scene. Stumbling across a local flamenco bar with live music is less likely than it is in the cities of the south but there are some highly recommended venues where you can enjoy outstanding flamenco shows. Transport is usually provided to them when pre-booked and you can often have dinner with the show.

Flamenco in Madrid.

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