Spain Tourism

Discover Spanish History

Castillo de Olite in Navarra

When I first moved to Spain as a naive 24 year old I had no concept of Spanish history. To me Spain was little more than a place people went on their summer holidays. One day near the village of Pollensa in Mallorca I stumbled upon a little Roman bridge …

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When to Visit Spain

Beautiful Sight of a Field Full of Sunflowers in Spain

Probably the most common question we receive from visitors to our website is “when is the best time to visit Spain?”. What so many people don’t seem to realise is the size and diversity of the country. You’d be surprised at the number of times I’ve been asked for recommended …

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Top 10 Famous Spanish People

Rafa Nadal Museum in Manacor

A few years ago I was at a pub quiz where a question asked teams to list famous Finns. With little knowledge of Finland beyond some its most famous sports stars I was only able to come up with two footballers (Sami Hyypia and Jari Litmanen) and two racing drivers …

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