Mallorca Weather

The weather in Mallorca is pretty much what you would expect from one of the Mediterranean’s premier beach holiday destinations. Every summer millions of tourists from all over Europe fly into Palma’s Son Sant Joan Airport in anticipation of long, hot days and lovely, warm nights. They won’t be disappointed. The peak summer months see temperatures rising above the 30ºC in the afternoons with rainfall highly unlikely other than the odd summer storm which is usually most welcome after enduring such heat. From the rainfall and temperature figures presented at the bottom of the page you’ll see that July and August are both the driest and the hottest months. They are also the most expensive for holidays and the busiest time for all the resorts.

If you are flexible on travel dates and don’t need to be on holiday during these peak months then I’d strongly recommend that you consider visiting Mallorca on either side of them. Personally I love being on the island at anytime in May or June as well as during the month of September. It’s still busy with plenty going on all over the island but without the scorching summer temperatures and the masses of people tied to school holidays from all over the continent. Daytime remains really nice and warm with pleasant evenings for dining outdoors.

It’s more difficult to suggest when you visit Mallorca in winter as the weather is far less predictable. As a rule winters are quite mild and mainly dry with many sunny days with beautiful clear skies. Whilst daytime temperatures seldom fall below 10ºC or 15ºC you can certainly feel a certain chill in the air. It may not be hot enough to go to the beach but sunbathing in a sheltered spot should be fine. It can become quite chilly in the evenings so you’ll need to pack accordingly. January and February tend to be the coldest months. There is rainfall during the winter months but it rarely lasts more than a few days (hopefully not the few days when you’re there!). October to December tend to be the wettest months.

If you’re heading out to Mallorca in the next few days you can check the short term forecast below. If not take a look at those weather graphs I mentioned above to get some idea what you can expect with regard to rainfall and temperatures based on previous years statistics.

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