Spanish Football Tickets

Since 1998 we have been selling Spanish football tickets online for matches in La Liga and in the Champions League. We are a UK registered company (GKS Guides Ltd) working in association with our Spanish partner (Ticketbureau SL) to provide you with tickets for all matches in Barcelona, Madrid & Valencia as well as at other stadiums on request.Below you’ll find links for buying Barcelona football tickets and Real Madrid tickets. As a British business and website our main language is English though we’ve provided some foreign language links to allow customers from other countries to buy Spanish football tickets.

FC Barcelona Tickets

Tickets for all matches at FC Barcelona’s Nou Camp Stadium are provided by Ticketbureau SL who are a fully bonded Spanish travel agency & official agent of FC Barcelona. No other provider Barcelona tickets can offer you such comprehensive legal and financial security in making your purchase. Tickets can be delivered to your hotel or collected at numerous ticket outlets in the city.

Useful Links:

Nou Camp Stadium | FC Barcelona Website | FC Barcelona History | Barcelona Hotels

Real Madrid Tickets

You can purchase Real Madrid tickets for all matches at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium & have them delivered to your hotel in Madrid. Alternatively, you can collect that at places in the city on arrival.

Useful Links:

Bernabeu Stadium | Real Madrid Website | Madrid Hotels

Valencia Football Tickets

The recently redeveloped city of Valencia is a beautiful city located right on the Mediterranean and is an ideal place for a football weekend break. We can arrange tickets for all matches at the Mestalla Stadium and have them delivered to your hotel in Valencia.

Useful Links:

Valencia FC Website | Valencia Hotels

Atletico Madrid Tickets

Obviously the majority of football tourists to Madrid go to see Real Madrid. However, if they’re away from home when you visit then you’re in for a treat at Atletico Madrid’s Vicente Calderon Stadium where you’ll experience one of the best atmospheres of any ground in Spain. Order your tickets online and we’ll have them delivered to your hotel in Madrid.

Useful Links:

Atlético Madrid Website | Atletico Madrid History | Madrid Hotels

Espanyol Football Tickets

If FC Barcelona aren’t at home when you visit the Catalan capital you should go to a game at Espanyol’s Cornella El Prat Stadium. Tickets are provided by an official agent of RCD Espanyol. Tickets can be collected at one of numerous ticket outlets in the city or can be delivered to your hotel.

Useful Links:

Barcelona Hotels | Espanyol Website

Malaga Football Tickets

It’s great to get to a game at Malaga’s Rosaleda Stadium if you’re on holiday on the Costa del Sol. Matches here attract many British ex-pats and holidaymakers. Except for the biggest matches you’ll normally get tickets on the gate.

Useful Links:

Malaga Hotels | Malaga | Malaga International Supporter’s Club

Spanish Supercup

The Spanish Supercup (Supercopa de España) is an annual two legged match between the winners of the Spanish League (La Liga) and the winners of the Spanish Cup (La Copa del Rey). It is similar to the English Charity Shield match. It usually takes place in late August shortly before the start of the main season and often produces some scintillating football. If you’re on your holidays in Spain at the time it’s a great chance for fans to see two of Spain’s top teams in action. We usually have tickets available.

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