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Top 13 Tips For Finding Cheap Car Hire in Spain

Cheap Car Hire in Spain

Cheap car hire in Spain can be difficult to find during the peak holiday season and since the Covid pandemic there seems to be a shortage of vehicles everywhere. For that reason we’ve put together these few tips on helping you find some good deals: Compare Rental Companies’ Rates The …

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Ferries to Spain from the UK

How to Travel to Spain without Flying: Ferries

The heyday of cross Channel ferry travel was in 1997 when over 21 million passengers passed through the Port of Dover on sailings to that mystical land vaguely referred to as “the Continent”. Its decline as a means of transport began with the opening of the Channel Tunnel in 1994 …

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Alsa Bus and Multi-Day Coach Tours of Spain

Getting Around in Spain on Alsa Bus

In contrast to many other European countries, Spain has a comprehensive national network of bus and coach services allowing visitors to get pretty much anywhere at a reasonable price. Buses tend to be considerably cheaper than trains so there are a lot more Spanish people who choose bus travel over …

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Goldcar Car Rental Rip-Off

Airport Car Hire

On a recent visit to Spain I did the usual search for the cheapest car rental from Malaga Airport. The car broker using the Cartrawler search technology came up with a great offer of a Volkswagen Golf or equivalent for €89 so I checked the terms and conditions of the …

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Train Travel in Spain

Travel in Spain by AVE Train

In the early 90s a rail journey from Malaga to Madrid took over ten hours. Whilst travelling on that rickety old train was a great way to see the scorched countryside of Andalucia and Castilla La Mancha as it meandered its way to the capital it was hardly an attractive …

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