Benidorm Theme Parks

Terra Mitica Benidorm

Terra Mitica is one of Europe’s most exciting theme parks and is Benidorm’s main tourist attraction. It has something for all age groups and for all ‘fear thresholds’. Don’t worry about going if you’re not a fan of the adrenaline rush as there are always plenty gentler options including some great water rides. To make sure that younger children never feel left out the park has cleverly constructed 15 kiddie rides which are replicas of the scarier adult version. All in all there is something for everyone at Terra Mitica.

You can go on rides as many times as you wish but bear in mind that there are so many rides that you won’t be able to go on them all in a day. In fact, time permitting, we’d recommend that you purchase the two day pass as there’s more than enough at Terra Mitica to keep the whole family amused.

Terra Mitica is split into five different sectors according to a particular theme. Each of these areas have rides related to its particular theme and the restaurants of the area are also based on that same theme. If you’re too busy to sit down for a full scale meal then there’s no end of fast food outlets throughout the park.

Sectors of Terra Mitica

Ocionia: Once you’ve entered Terra Mitica you’ll immediately find yourself in Ancient Egypt with its fabulous pyramids and the river Nile. You can take a gentle cruise from the port of Alessandria down the river towards Iberia with great views of all the rides or if you’re desperate to get straight to the action then the Nile Waterfall awaits you. This ride takes place in a log flume with a 20 metre forward drop followed by scarier but shorter backward drop.

Greece: Synkope is one of the park’s scariest rides on which a giant red wheel holding 70 people spins and swings at the same time causing some serious screams from its occupants. The giant simulator in the temple of Kinetos is another main attraction in this area. Children can discover ancient Greece from horseback.

Rome: The Flight of the Phoenix is one of the highlights of this sector but isn’t for the faint hearted. The ride takes you 70 metres in the air then drops you at 120 km per hour. Magnus Colossus is a massive roller coaster in this same zone. Many fun kiddie alternatives exist such as Tentaculus which is a children’s ride based on the story of the Fire and the Phoenix. Live shows in this sector are held in an amphitheatre again complying with the Roman theme.

Iberia: The river boat from Egypt docks at El Moll where you disembark and head for another selection of rides including the Crazy Cars where traditional theme park cars have been replaced by bulls, cows and sheep. Take a train ride on El Tren Bravo, Iberia’s nastiest locomotive.

Mediterranean Islands: A good area for water rides especially the Rapids of Argos where you’ll be glad you came wearing your swimming gear as you fight the changing sea currents. Your main job on the Islands is to rescue Ulysses, another top attraction.

Every year new attractions appear at Terra Mitica including the Warrior of the Dawn, a Greek simulator experience where you enter a digital world of adventure. For speed demons the Mitikarts race track is for you. There’s a special area just for young children to have a spin. If the haunted house is more your taste then head for the Pyramid of Terror where mummies and pharaohs will attempt to scare you to death! These are just a few of the newer arrivals.

How To Get to Terra Mitica

  • Take Public Buses 21 or 22 from Benidorm right to the entrance of Terra Mitica.
  • By car just get on the CV70 out of town and you’ll see it well signposted.
  • A taxi carrying upto 4 people will take you to the entrance.

Terra Mitica Tickets and Opening Times

  • Tickets are available for one or two days and afternoon tickets only can be purchased. For this season’s latest official prices please see the Terra Mitica Website.
  • You can buy Terra Mitica Tickets online before travelling and print out a voucher which you present on the day of your visit.
  • Keep your eyes open for discounted tickets in Benidorm. The Terra Mitica kiosk (Avda. Atmella de Mar) opposite Burger King at the northern end of Playa Levante will sometimes give you ticket discount vouchers. Check if there are any offers at McDonalds. They sometimes give two entrances for the price of one to Terra Mitica with every ‘happy meal’.

Terra Natura Benidorm

Terra Natura lies in another vast area of mountainside next to its better known neighbour, Terra Mitica. Although the theme park has over 700 metres of water slides it is essentially an animal park divided according to continent. Each continent sector is home to the animals, people and vegetation native to it. You’ll even find typical dishes of the region in that sector’s restaurants.

It’s a fabulous day out for children who see Terra Natura as a theme park whilst gaining great educational value from the visit as they learn about new continents. They can marvel at their surroundings in total security as the park has been cleverly built so that you can wander very close to the animals without being in any danger.

Within each sector there are a selection of interesting shows and rides. You can take a train ride around the park or for the more adventurous take a Tarzan like trip over the elephant enclosure on a zip wire. And if you survive how about going swimming with baby sharks!

For many parents the water park is a highlight of the day as you can escape the temperatures you’ve experienced in the safari park area as you settle down on a sunbed in the water park after lunch. Located next to an enormous lake sized swimming pool, the water slides and the children’s play area this a great spot to relax where you can still keep an eye on the kids.

How To Get to Terra Natura

  • Take Public Buses 21 or 22 from Benidorm right to the entrance of Terra Mitica.
  • By car just get on the CV70 out of town and you’ll see it well signposted.
  • A taxi carrying upto 4 people will take you to the entrance.

Terra Natura Tickets and Opening Hours

  • Terra Natura opens daily from 10am. Check the official Terra Natura website for the latest entrance fees, opening times and special offers.
  • Entrance to Terra Natura is charged separately from the water park though you’ll see offers in Benidorm which include the water park in a two parks for the price of one offer.
  • You can Buy Terra Natura Tickets before travelling and simply present a print out of your booking on the day that you visit the theme park.
  • Look out for people giving out flyers on the promenade of Playa Levante which give each person a small amount to spend in the Terra Natura shop. There are sometimes deals at McDonalds whereby if you eat there the kids get into Terra Natura for free. Look out for the all inclusive ticket which includes a 3 course meal and unlimited drinks (including beer) all day.

Aqualandia Benidorm

Aqualandia is reputedly Europe’s largest water park standing behind the northern end of Playa Levante right next to Mundomar. There’s a great range of attractions within the park such as the huge Atlantic wave pool, the springboards of Laguna, the beach and caves of Niagara and Adventureland which has been developed specially for young children. There are also plenty high adrenaline rides with scarey names such as Kamikaze and Black Hole as well as Big Bang which is Europe’s highest chute ride. During the peak season you’ll have to queue for slides. You can purchase Aqualandia tickets online and print them out at home before travelling.

Aqualandia is a must for fans of water slides but is also great for all the family and it is very easy to spend a full day there. Do be aware however that the water in the slides is saltwater and not fresh water and although this is not a problem for many people it can be very uncomfortable for others.

The food inside the park is expensive like most theme parks but there are plenty of picnic areas so you can take your own good and drink. There are also lots of sunbeds in lovely landscaped surroundings for you to use when you want to take a break from the water and just relax.

Once inside you can rent lockers for the day to keep any valuables safe and you can also rent large rubber rings to take on the slides. Be aware that you have to pay for these on top of the already hefty entrance fee so it is worth looking out for some cheap offers in Benidorm. If you go to Mundomar then you will receive a discount ticket for Aqualandia.

If you don’t want to spend a whole day in a water park you can combine a trip here with Mundomar, a nature park with dolphins, sea lions and other aquatic and non-aquatic animals. They are right next door to each other and you can usually buy a good value combination ticket allowing you to visit both parks.

Alternatively you might choose to visit Terra Natura where there are also some waterslides as well as the animal park which is the main theme. However, you won’t find the same range of slides as you will at Aqualandia.

How To Get To Aqualandia

To get there from the centre take bus 11 or 47. There are departures every hour. Buses 1 and 4 head there from the railway station every 30 minutes. Buses are packed during peak seasons so jump in a taxi which shouldn’t cost much more than the bus.

Aqualandia Tickets and Opening Hours

  • At the time of writing Aqualandia is open every day from mid-May to the end of September from 10am to 7pm.
  • Check the Official Aqualandia Website for latest ticket information and opening hours.
  • Buy Aqualandia Tickets online before you go to Benidorm.
  • Check at your hotel in case they have any special offers and keep your eye open on the promenade of Playa Levante where sales reps from all the theme parks are often seen giving out discount vouchers.

Mundomar Benidorm

Mundomar is a theme park inhabited by aquatic animals such as dolphins and penguins together with sea lions and tropical birds. As much as possible each species lives within an area closely resembling its natural habitat. It’s a great day out for the children who will most likely find that the dolphin show is the highlight of their day. There are two shows daily with each one lasting 30 minutes. There is a large amphitheatre to watch the show from or alternatively it’s great to watch it from one of the underwater viewing points which provide a unique sight of these delightful creatures in action. During every show two children are selected to go in the boat that the dolphin pulls.

The sea lions and the seals also put on an entertaining show that the kids will love. The parrots on roller skates provide no end of amusement though the person conducting the show is speaking Spanish so you won’t understand everything that’s going on. There is also a show of exotic birds flying which is a very colourful display. All of these shows are on twice daily but times tend to vary from year to year so you should find out the times as soon as you get there.

As a lovely souvenir of the day you can have your photo taken with the dolphins, sea lions, parrots or the lemurs. Again there are set times for this which you will find when you get there or on the official website.

Although a bit on the pricey side an amazing option is to swim with either the dolphins or the sea lions and this is something which you will not forget in a hurry. You get to spend 30 minutes with the dolphins or 40 minutes with the sea lions. While both experiences are wonderful I would highly recommend the dolphin encounter as we enjoyed it immensely. You should book this at least two days before you want to do it as it gets very booked up especially in the high season.

In summer the park can be very hot but there are usually people walking around with fine sprays of water to help you keep cool and you will often be sprayed during the shows which you will probably greatly appreciate.

Away from the birds and animals there’s a children’s park with plenty slides and other amusements and a selection of cafés and restaurants should provide a welcome break to the adult contingent. There are also plenty of open areas where you can sit and relax and even enjoy a picnic if you choose to bring one.

Many people do spend the whole day in Mundomar but this will probably depend on how many of the shows you watch and how old your children are. It is a good idea to get there quite early as the first of each of the two shows are often a bit better than the later ones. If you prefer to only spend a half day in the park then you may want to combine this with a visit to the Aqualandia water park which is just next door.

How To Get to Mundomar

Mundomar is in the Rincón de Loix area behind the northern end of Playa Levante. There are buses but they tend to be packed with people going to the nearby Aqualandia so jump in a taxi to get there.

Mundomar Tickets and Opening Hours

As well as world-class theme parks there are also some unforgettable day trips from Benidorm to exciting destinations along the Costa Blanca.