San Isidro Festival

San Isidro Festival in Madrid on 15th May

San Isidro is the patron saint of Madrid and the public holiday which coincides with this festival is on 15th May although a range of varied events take place from the Friday before the 15th when the Mayor’s speech begins proceedings and continue until the following Sunday when there is …

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El Pilar Festival

Fireworks at the End of El Pilar Fiestas in Zaragoza

The Pilar Festival (Fiestas del Pilar) is celebrated every year on the 12th of October. During the week leading up to this official date Zaragoza comes alive with music, parades, flowers and theatre in honour of the Virgin of Pilar. The female patron saint of Spain is honoured with an …

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Moros y Cristianos Festival

Moros y Cristianos Festival in Alcoy

In the year 711 Tariq ibn Ziyad led a strong Muslim army across the Straits of Gibraltar from Morocco. His army quickly defeated the ruling Visigothic forces of King Roderick and faced little resistance in taking control of their capital, Toledo. With the fall of Cordoba an Islamic state known …

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Spanish Christmas Lottery

Spanish Christmas Lottery Ticket

El Gordo El Gordo, the Fat One, to most Spanish people, represents two things: the ex Brazilian footballer Ronaldo and, much more importantly, the Spanish Christmas Lottery. Almost unbelievably there have been lotteries in Spain since the first was established by King Carlos III as far back as 1763. Indeed, …

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La Tomatina Festival – Tomato Fight

640 festivals tomatina 01

La Tomatina tomato fight in Buñol near Valencia happens every year on the last Wednesday in August though the partying starts earlier in the week. The highlight of the festival is the tomato fight which takes place between 11am and 1pm on that day. The event has become one of …

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Holy Week in Seville

Festivals in Seville: Semana Santa

Semana Santa de Sevilla One of my favourite weeks of the year in Spain is ‘Semana Santa’ or ‘Holy Week’ as we often refer to it in English. It is the week leading up to the Easter weekend and although it is celebrated all over Spain it is Andalucia that …

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Hogueras de San Juan

Spain in June: Hogueras de San Juan

The Festival of San Juan dates back to pre-Christian times and marks the arrival of the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. It is celebrated all over Spain but especially in coastal regions where many people head for the beach, build bonfires and party throughout the night. The …

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Granada International Festival

Granada Festival

There can surely be few better settings in which to listen to high quality music than some of Granada’s emblematic, renowned venues. Consequently, the annual International Festival of Music and Dance, which takes place around the third week of June, provides a perfect experience for lovers of music, dance and …

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Fiesta del Orujo

Fiesta del Orujo

Potes is a pretty little town situated in the Picos de Europa mountains of Cantabria in northern Spain. Every year in November it celebrates the aguardiente Fiesta del Orujo. Aguardiente, a spirit made from grapes, averages 40% alcohol and is a real throat burner. The fiesta always takes place during …

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