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Top 10 Natural Tourist Attractions in Spain

Pyrenees Mountains

Deciding on my Top 10 NATURAL Attractions in Spain proved even more complicated than creating the previous list of Top Historical Attractions in Spain. Whilst I’ve visited just about everywhere of historical note I still haven’t seen all the country’s natural beauty spots. You might be surprised to hear that Spain …

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Top Ten Luxury Hotels in Spain

Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid

I’ve never been in the income group of people who stay in Spain’s luxury hotels but taking wealthy clients around the country over the years has allowed me to visit some of these establishments first hand. In no particular order I’m listing my top 10 then I’ll recommend a few …

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Top Ten Cathedrals in Spain

Segovia Cathedral

A few months ago I was sitting in the ‘Patio de los Naranjos’ outside the Mezquita in Cordoba when I overheard an American lady telling her friend that she wasn’t going to go inside the building because she was “all cathedraled out”. Now if you’ve been travelling around Spain at …

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