Extremadura Travel Guide

Extremadura Travel Guide: Visit the Roman Temple in Merida

Extremadura is an autonomous region of Spain in the west of the country. It is home to the provinces of Cáceres and Badajoz and has a long western border with Portugal. The region is one of Spain’s best-kept travel secrets with unspoilt historical cities and areas of outstanding natural beauty. …

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Guadalupe Spain – Pilgrimage to the Monastery of Santa María de Guadalupe

Guadalupe Spain

The Caminos de Guadalupe are the traditional pilgrimage routes leading to Guadalupe in Extremadura. The route had already been established by the Romans and remained important under Moorish rule. However, it wasn’t until the 14th century that the town of Guadalupe Spain became established as a religious centre after a …

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Top 10 Things to do in Mérida Spain

Take a Day Trip from Cáceres to Mérida

The Roman colony of Emerita Augusta (modern-day Mérida) was founded in 25 BC and became the most important city in the Roman province of Lusitania and one of the largest in Hispania. Standing on the Guadiana River, its strategic location allowed it to control important trade routes which contributed to …

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More UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Spain

Spain city breaks to Cordoba

At the recent 44th session of the World Heritage Committee in Fuzhou (China) it was announced that the Retiro Park and Paseo del Prado in Madrid would be been added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List. These are the first sites on the list which are located in the Spanish capital. …

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Spanish Art and Artists

Sorolla's My Wife and Daughters in the Garden - Mi Esposa e Hijas en el Jardín

“Los Borrachos” by Diego Velazquez[/caption]If I told you that I’m a great lover of Spanish art then I’m afraid I’d be lying. When I visit a new city I’m always keen on visiting its main architectural attractions and (more importantly) its sports venues. Unfortunately, I’ve never been a great fan …

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Discover Spanish History

Castillo de Olite in Navarra

When I first moved to Spain as a naive 24 year old I had no concept of Spanish history. To me Spain was little more than a place people went on their summer holidays. One day near the village of Pollensa in Mallorca I stumbled upon a little Roman bridge …

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