Historic Restaurants in Seville Dating Back to 1670

The Andalucían capital of Seville enjoys a vibrant culinary scene rooted in history and tradition. From tiny tapas bars tucked away on side streets to elegant dining rooms which have welcomed patrons for generations, the restaurants in Seville offer a taste of authentic Spanish cuisine. When visiting Seville, food-lovers are spoiled for choice. While innovative eateries have become popular in recent times, many of the best eating establishments in Seville are historic institutions that have been serving top-quality fare for decades or even centuries.

The intimate atmosphere and signature dishes at these traditional restaurants provide an immersive cultural experience for visitors. Dining in a setting unchanged for hundreds of years while sampling regional specialities conjures romantic images of Old World Spain. For the food writer interested in understanding the soul of Seville, its historic restaurants are a gateway to the past. The waiters, chefs and patrons all have stories to tell.

Restaurants in Seville Spain
Casa Román and Hosteria del Laurel

Of course, the main appeal of these restaurants lies in the exemplary cuisine. Age-old recipes perfected over generations deliver an authentic taste of Andalusia. From the seafood delights of coastal cities like Cádiz to the hearty meat dishes of the interior, traditional restaurants in Seville offer the best of regional flavours. Food-lovers looking for an excellent meal in an unforgettable setting need look no further than the historic establishments that define the culinary landscape of Seville.

Top 15 Restaurants in Seville

Having visited Seville on countless occasions over the years I’ve put together the following list of some of my favourite places to eat in the city. These recommendations are mainly restaurants although many of them offer tapas menus. As well as dining at some of these historic restaurants you should also take some time to visit some of the best tapas bars in Seville. This is a great way to get to know the city and experience the best of Andalucían cuisine at the same time.

Restaurante Casa Robles

Address: Alvarez Quintero, 58
Website: https://www.casarobles.es/

Restaurante Casa Robles is a historic establishment which has been serving traditional Andalusian cuisine in Seville since 1954. The restaurant was founded by Juan Robles and his father, who initially started a small winery on the same street. Over the years, the winery evolved into a restaurant, with viticulture giving way to the hospitality industry. It is conveniently located just short the north of Seville Cathedral in the tourist centre.

Today’s menu features innovative spins on traditional Andalusian cuisine incorporating produce from the region. Over the decades, Casa Robles has hosted royalty, politicians and film stars and it continues to be a positive exponent of Sevillian and Andalusian cuisine.

Restaurante Placentines

Address: Calle Placentines 2
Website: https://www.placentines.es/

Restaurante Placentines is another member of the Robles family of restaurants which is located just 100m from Casa Robles, near the Cathedral. The traditional restaurant offers a variety of tapas, main dishes and a wide selection of wines from its impressive cellar.

Casa Cuesta

Address: Calle Castilla, 1
Website: http://www.casacuesta.net/

Casa Cuesta is an emblematic restaurant of Seville with a rich history dating back to 1880. Nestled in the heart of the Triana quartier, it is strategically positioned near notable landmarks such as the Triana Bridge, San Jorge Castle, Museum of Inquisición, Ceramics Museum and the Food market of Triana. The restaurant is renowned for its traditional Andalusian tapas and stews, many of which are prepared following original recipes found in the bar.

The menu includes salty classics such as jamón serrano, triangles of Manchego cheese and potato salad with lots of garlic. It is also acclaimed for its flamequines, a dish consisting of a piece of pork sirloin wrapped in jamón serrano, battered and deep-fried.

Restaurante San Fernando

Address: c/San Fernando, 2
Website: https://www.restaurante-sanfernando.com/

Restaurante San Fernando is a distinguished dining establishment located within the historic Hotel Alfonso XIII. This building was constructed between 1916 and 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929 and is the city’s finest hotel. Non-guests are welcome to dine at the restaurant which is situated in the colonnaded inner courtyard of the hotel. This Mudejar courtyard and its gently flowing fountain offer quite a unique dining experience in the heart of Seville. As well as serving authentic Andalusian cuisine, the Restaurante San Fernando also offers a range of international dishes and has an impressive selection of Spanish wines on its menu.

Restaurants in Seville: Restaurante San Fernando
Restaurante San Fernando lies within the historic Hotel Alfonso XIII

La Taberna del Alabardero

Address: Zaragoza, 20
Website: https://alabarderosevilla.es/en/home/

Located in the heart of Seville, La Taberna del Alabardero is a restaurant steeped in history and tradition. The original Taberna was opened in Madrid in 1973 by a Basque priest to provide employment opportunities for young people. The Seville branch opened in 1992 and is housed in a 19th-century mansion which also serves as a hotel and a restaurant school.

This establishment is part of the Grupo Lezama, which also operates other Tabernas del Alabardero in Madrid, Marbella and Washington DC. The restaurant has a reputation as one of the finest upscale restaurants in Seville which is known for its innovative takes on regional classics using only the best regional ingredients.

Mesón Don Raimundo

Address: Calle Argote de Molina 26
Website: http://mesondonraimundo.com/

The prestigious Mesón Don Raimundo only became a restaurant in 1967 but the building in which it is housed goes back much longer. Originally a Jewish residence, it was converted into a convent in 1362 and later served as Seville’s first post office in the 19th century. The restaurant is located near major tourist attractions including Seville Cathedral and the Royal Alcázar. It is known for serving high-end Andalusian cuisine with some dishes influenced by the city’s Moorish past such as Pimiento Relleno a lo Mozárabe.

Corral del Agua

Address: Callejón del Agua, 6
Website: http://corraldelagua.es/?lang=en

This charming restaurant is tucked away in Seville’s Santa Cruz neighbourhood which used to be the city’s Jewish Quarter. It is housed in a traditional 17th-century building just a short stroll from the Alcázar in the main tourist district. Outdoor dining is available on a charming patio with tables surrounding a fountain and a typical Andalusian well.

Corral del Agua is renowned for its traditional Andalusian cuisine, with a menu that features a variety of dishes influenced by the different civilizations who have settled in the city over the centuries. If you’re just looking for a light lunch you can order from their extensive tapas menu and relax in this dining oasis in the heart of the city.

Restaurante El Modesto

Address: Calle Cano y Cueto 5
Website: http://www.modestorestaurantes.com/

Established in 1946, this is another historic restaurant which offers exquisite dining on its outdoor near the conveniently located Jardines de Murillo. Its high-quality cuisine is anything but modest with a fine choice of grilled meats and seafood available as well as selection of tapas dishes.

Hosteria del Laurel

Address: Plaza de los Venerables 5
Website: https://www.hosteriadellaurel.com/

Located in the heart of the Santa Cruz Quarter, this historic establishment that has been serving patrons since 1869. It is housed in a beautiful building overlooking the Plaza de los Venerables which is within easy walking distance of the city’s key attractions. The restaurant is known for its traditional Spanish cuisine with fine ingredients sourced from all over the country.

Highlights include seafood dishes sourced from the coasts of Cádiz and Huelva and meats from northern Spain. They also serve a variety of tapas and offer an impressive wine list. The Hosteria del Laurel is not just known for its food, but also for its historic atmosphere. The building’s history is intertwined with Spanish literature, as it served as the inspiration for Spanish writer Zorilla’s work Don Juan Tenorio.

Restaurante Casa Román

Address: Plaza de los Venerables, 1
Website: https://www.casaromansevilla.com/

Located beside the orange trees of Plaza de los Venerables in the heart of Seville’s Barrio de Santa Cruz, Casa Román has been around since 1934. This family-run restaurant has long been a popular establishment on the city’s culinary serving traditional Spanish dishes to its loyal clientele. Guests can dine in its cozy interior or on the outdoor terrace in overlooking the historic Hospital de los Venerables.

Restaurante Doña Elvira

Address: Plaza de Doña Elvira, 6
Website: https://gruposalgorda.com/dona-elvira/

Founded in 1934, this is another restaurant steeped in history and tradition which is one of the most picturesque buildings in the Santa Cruz neighbourhood. It has been a cornerstone of Seville’s gastronomic culture for nearly a century. Located in the charming square of Plaza de Doña Elvira, it has a beautiful terrace where guests can dine under the orange trees. The menu is a celebration of Seville’s traditional gastronomy with a menu that features many classic Andalusian dishes.

Restaurant in Seville: Restaurante Doña Elvira
Restaurante Doña Elvira

Restaurante San Marco

Address: Calle Meson del Moro 4
Website: https://restaurantesanmarcosantacruz.es/en/

This Italian restaurant in Barrio Santa Cruz is housed in a 12th-century Arab bathhouse, which has blended preserved bath vaults and star shapes with modern design elements to create a unique dining area. It serves first-class Italian and Mediterranean cuisine as well as roasted leg of lamb and sumptuous homemade desserts. Live classical guitar music is a pleasant addition to the dining ambience.

Kiosco de las Flores

Address: Calle Betis, 74
Website: https://www.kioscodelasflores.com/

Kiosco de las Flores is a historic restaurant located on Calle Betis in the popular Triana neighborhood of Seville. Located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River since the 1930s, it offers stunning views of the city from its outdoor terrace. Look out for the Plaza de Toros del la Maestranza bullring and the Torre de Oro on the opposite bank of the river and the Giralda tower of the Cathedral in the distance. The restaurant specialises in typical Spanish cuisine which includes a good selection of seafood dishes.

Río Grande

Address: Calle Betis, 70
Website: https://grupocarbon.es/restaurantes/rio-grande/

Also located on Calle Betis on the bank of the Guadalquivir, this Triana restaurant offers superb views across to the illuminated Giralda and Torre de Oro. The extensive menu at Río Grande includes many seafood options sourced in Andalucía such as Huelva prawns and tuna fish from the Bay of Cádiz. There are also some excellent meat options from the mountains of Spain and exceptional rice dishes. As well as their a la carte menu, guests can order from their long list of tapas options. The restaurant’s history, ambiance and culinary excellence make a popular choice amongst locals and visitors alike.

El Rincóncillo

Address: Calle Gerona 40
Website: http://www.elrinconcillo.es/en/home/

El Rinconcillo is famous as the oldest bar in Seville which has been serving traditional Spanish food since 1670. Downstairs is a popular tapas bar with a great atmosphere whilst the restaurant is upstairs, the two sections offer quite distinct menus. The restaurant serves traditional Spanish cuisine in a historic setting which has preserved the ambience of old Seville. As well as enjoying the restaurant’s fine cuisine, diners should make a point of trying some of the sherries from Jerez de la Frontera and Sanlúcar de Barrameda which are stored in oak barrels.