Capdepera Tourist Information

Capdepera Tourist Information

Capdepera is a historical village just 8km from Arta as you approach Cala Ratjada near the top of Mallorca’s east coast. Originally there had been a watchtower where the castle stands today which was used to guard the coast. In 1300 King Jaume II ordered the construction of a fortified village which would control the uninhabited land below and the local maritime routes.

For centuries the town survived behind its walls protected from pirate attacks. As the danger of such attacks disappeared residents of the walled town started to relocate themselves at the bottom of the 162m hill which lead to the development of modern day Capdepera. The better known town of nearby Cala Ratjada actually developed as the fishing and trading port of Capdepera and to this day operates a ferry service with neighbouring Menorca.

There is plenty public parking as you enter the village below the fortress. From here walk past the church to the town hall (Ajuntament) square where you can get a coffee break at Café El Sitjar. Then climb to the fabulous castle from where you get great views over Cala Ratjada. Look out for the ‘Talaia de Jaume II’ which was used as an optical telegraph for communicating with Menorca. If you’re here around lunchtime head for the terrace bars at Placa de l’Orient.

You can stop off at the town hall to get information about excursions throughout the municipality of Capdepera which includes 25km of great natural beauty along the coast consisting mainly of small rocky coves and fine sandy beaches.

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