Madrid Restaurants

It is an absolute joy to eat in Madrid thanks to the wonderful range of restaurants available. As well as typical Spanish eateries there are hundreds of restaurants representing culinary specialities from all over the world. The South American influence is strong and some of the city’s Argentinian restaurants are phenomenal but Asian cuisine is also well represented. You will also find a large range of prices in Madrid’s restaurants allowing dining out to be affordable to most visitors irrespective of their budget. Here are a few recommendations.

El Botin

Address: c/de los Cuchilleros, 17
Tel: 91-366-4217

Referred to in Hemingway’s ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ as the greatest restaurant in the world! Maybe not that good, but this restaurant dating back to 1725 is a great place to go for traditional roast lamb or roast suckling pig.  Popular with both tourists and locals.  Menu is in English. Book in advance.

Botins Restaurant
Restaurante Sobrino de Botín Dates Back to 1725

Champagnerie Gala

Address: c/Moratín, 22
Tel: 91-429-2562

This delightful champagnerie specialises in paellas and fideuas (a noodle equivalent). There are 14 of each to choose from, including vegetarian options. Make sure to get a seat in the back of the building, a glass-covered patio full of plants. There is no restaurant service on Fridays and Saturdays as the entire space is given over to the bar. A great place for Sunday lunch though booking is recommended as it’s very popular.

Posada de la Villa

Address: Cava Baja, 9
Tel: 91-366-1860

The most picturesque of Madrid’s old traditional inns serving traditional Madrileño classics such as cocido (a heavy stew of noodles, vegetables and meats, the broth and noodles are served separately as a first course), wood-roast lamb and suckling pig.  Closed in August.

El Buey

Address: Plaza de la Marina Española, 1
Tel: 91-541-3041

Eternally popular meat eater’s restaurant.  The main dish is beef which has been seared which you cook yourself on a hotplate in front of you.  It comes served with potatoes.

Casa Mingo

Address:  Paseo de la Florida, 2
Tel:  91-547-7918

Not a choice for the evening, but if you take a lunchtime stroll out to the west of the city this cheap and cheerful Asturian cider-house is well worth a stop.  The restaurant opened in 1910 and continues to churn out little more than roast chicken with salad washed down with natural cider.  Popular with students and difficult to get a table though you can get a takeaway and head into the nearby Casa de Campo.

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