Yaiza Travel Guide

Yaiza is a pretty little town located near the volcanic region of Timanfaya in Lanzarote which, according to local folklore, is blessed by a higher power. Whilst many villages were ransacked by pirates in the 16th and 17th centuries Yaiza was spared as it lay higher than its neighbours.

Then in the early 18th century volcanic eruptions destroyed many of the surrounding villages but Yaiza was again spared as lava flows heading down the mountain veered in two directions towards the villages of Uga and Playa Blanca leaving Yaiza relatively untouched by the disaster. As well as this geographical “miracle” the village church of Nuestro Senora de Los Remedios was left unscathed and the village folk attributed their good fortune to an act of God. To this day there’s a local legend that the statue of the Madonna within the church sometimes appears to be surrounded by a mysterious blue haze.

Yaiza Lanzarote

Nowadays Yaiza’s good fortune is based on tourism as visitors heading for the nearby Timanfaya National Park stop off in the village for a look at its beautiful plazas, its charming white washed buildings and its flora filled streets. If you’re keen to escape the resort scene and see something of traditional local life during your stay in Lanzarote then Yaiza is the place to head for. There are numerous little cafes in town and a few interesting art galleries but little more, Yaiza is a place where you can simply soak up the atmosphere of a traditional village and marvel at the stunning scenery around you. And if you time your visit right you can enjoy lunch at the 16th century Restaurante La Era which is one of the best venues on the island for sampling traditional meat and fish dishes.

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