Playa Blanca Travel Guide

The stunning holiday resort area of Playa Blanca is located on the southern most tip of the Canary Island of Lanzarote. What began its life as a small fishing village has now been developed into the island’s second largest holiday resort proving to be very popular for tourists of all nationalities who return here year after year for their holidays.

Beach Near Playa Blanca

The traditional and modern style of the town blend together to make a perfect setting and the stunning newly developed promenade is a pleasure to stroll along. There is no shortage of accommodation here in Playa Blanca and all needs are catered from whether it is a self catering studio you are after or a four star all inclusive hotel you will find that Playa Blanca has it all!

Located at the eastern end of the resort is the Marina Rubicon. This is a collection of upmarket restaurants, bars, designer shops and just beside this beachfront development lies the marina, with all its splendid yachts basking in the sunshine. It is a great place to sit and have something to eat or drink whilst watching the world go by. Don’t forget to have your photo taken alongside the yacht which you sailed through the Atlantic Ocean waves in when you are telling your friends back home all about your holiday. Well, we can all dream a little, can’t we?

Playa Blanca Beaches

The beach at Playa Blanca, as you would expect from the name, is of white sand and accessible by several dirt tracks from the main part of the resort. It is probably one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Lanzarote for which you pay a small entrance fee to be able to use. There are several little bays for you to choose from but bear in mind many areas of the beaches are still considered to be untouched so there are no facilities whatsoever in some places. You should take at least a drink with you even if you do not go as far as packing up a picnic. Don’t forget to take your sun tan lotion, in particular one with a high sun protection factor, as there is little shade in this area. This beach is well worth a visit even if you are not staying in Playa Blanca itself and whether you hire a car for a few days or travel around by local transport you will not be disappointed with your day at Playa Blanca.

There is a dive college at Playa Blanca so if you fancy going for a dive, even if you have no experience, you will be able to take advantage of the professional instructors and discover the fabulous underwater world.

Nightlife in Playa Blanca, as in many other Spanish resorts centres around the evening meal. Following on from your meal there are several bars and cafes, which are very family orientated, many with TVs showing sports and soaps (just so you do not miss anything!). The main hub of nightlife in Playa Blanca is in the Centro Comercial Papagayo and the Centro Comercial Punto Limones although the nightlife here is quite low key compared to that of Puerto Del Carmen.

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