Cruise Ports

Mahon Cruise Port (Menorca): What to Do in 8 Hours

Cruise Ship Docked in Mahón Port

Of the many beautiful approaches to ports all over the Mediterranean the arrival in Mahón (or Maó) in Menorca must be one of the most spectacular. Cruise ships enter a narrow channel on the south-east coast of the island then slowly sail for 5km beyond the islands of Lazareto and …

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Ibiza Cruise Port: What to Do in 8 Hours

Ibiza Town Overlooking the Marina

Lying in the Mediterranean Sea some 125km east of Dénia on the mainland and 190km south-west of Mallorca, Ibiza is the 3rd largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands. It has long had a reputation as a party island which is home to some of Europe’s most famous nightclubs but is also …

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Palma de Mallorca Cruise Port: What to Do in 8 Hours

In Port in Palma de Mallorca

With more than 1.7 million cruise ship passengers per year visiting the island of Mallorca, its port is one of the busiest in the Mediterranean. Such a volume of arrivals has required a major expansion in port facilities such that the Port of Palma de Mallorca can now accommodate as …

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Almeria Cruise Port: What to Do in 8 Hours

Almeria Cruise Port

If you’ve driven on the motorways of Europe you’ll almost certainly have seen lorries from the Spanish province of Almería delivering fruit and vegetables to every corner of the continent. Thanks to intensive agricultural production carried out an all year round in enormous plastic greenhouses the region has enjoyed a …

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Bilbao Cruise Port: What to Do in 8 Hours

Vizcaya Transporter Bridge

Located in the Bay of Biscay on Spain’s Atlantic coast, Bilbao had long been an important fishing and trading port before it was incorporated into the Kingdom of Castille in 1200. Over subsequent centuries its key location facilitated trade with the Americas and the rest of Europe which ensured its …

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Cartagena Cruise Port (Spain): What to Do in 8 Hours

Port of Cartagena

The Carthaginian general, Hannibal, is one of history’s most celebrated figures who is best known for having crossed the Alps with an army of men and a team of elephants. In 219 BC he attacked the Roman town of Saguntum (north of modern-day Valencia) which provoked Rome into entering the …

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Lisbon Cruise Port: What to Do in 8 Hours

Cruise Ship in Lisbon

Cruise ship passengers arriving in Lisbon are in for a treat as their vessel enters the Tagus River estuary from the Atlantic. Heading upriver your vessel will approach the magnificent Ponte 25 de Abril bridge which is so reminiscent of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. Passengers will also …

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Valencia Cruise Port: What to Do in 8 Hours

Valencia Spain City Breaks

The Port of Valencia lies 6km south-east of the city centre. It is the largest container port in Spain and has long been of major commercial importance for the Mediterranean region as a whole. However, for different reasons it became famous worldwide as the host venue for the prestigious America’s …

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Vigo Cruise Port: What to Do in 8 Hours

Queen Mary 2

As you sail along the Ria de Vigo estuary heading for the Vigo cruise port terminal you’ll no doubt be struck by the enormity of what is Europe’s largest fishing port which has docks spreading along the coast for 10km. In a city of almost 300,000 people this is by …

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