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Train Travel in Spain

Travel in Spain by AVE Train

In the early 90s a rail journey from Malaga to Madrid took over ten hours. Whilst travelling on that rickety old train was a great way to see the scorched countryside of Andalucia and Castilla La Mancha as it meandered its way to the capital it was hardly an attractive …

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La Vuelta a España 2023

Tour of Spain Cycle Race

La Vuelta a España, the Tour of Spain cycling road race, is used to being regarded as the little brother of the three Grand Tours of Europe, lacking some of the history and tradition of the tours of France and Italy. The fact remains, however, that La Vuelta has come …

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Top 10 Famous Spanish People

Rafa Nadal Museum in Manacor

A few years ago I was at a pub quiz where a question asked teams to list famous Finns. With little knowledge of Finland beyond some its most famous sports stars I was only able to come up with two footballers (Sami Hyypia and Jari Litmanen) and two racing drivers …

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Almuñécar Festivals

Fireworks in Almuñecar

If you’re in the vicinity of Almuñécar in mid-August be sure to visit the town on the evening of 15th for La Fiesta de la Virgen de la Antigua. This is by far the biggest Almuñécar festival of the year and is highly recommended as the firework display is quite …

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