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Top Ten Luxury Hotels in Spain

Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid

I’ve never been in the income group of people who stay in Spain’s luxury hotels but taking wealthy clients around the country over the years has allowed me to visit some of these establishments first hand. In no particular order I’m listing my top 10 then I’ll recommend a few …

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Top Ten Cathedrals in Spain

Segovia Cathedral

A few months ago I was sitting in the ‘Patio de los Naranjos’ outside the Mezquita in Cordoba when I overheard an American lady telling her friend that she wasn’t going to go inside the building because she was “all cathedraled out”. Now if you’ve been travelling around Spain at …

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Mediterranean Diet – Eat Well Live Longer

Mediterranean Diet

Before setting up this website business I’d worked for 13 years in international schools and a university in Spain. Something that I noticed over that period was that children got fatter! Maybe that observation can simply be explained by my move from Mallorca to Madrid as the kids in Mallorca …

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How to Find the Best Foreign Exchange Rate

Foreign Exchange Rates

In the past tourists used to take a combination of travellers cheques and cash to cover their foreign currency requirements. Today travellers cheques aren’t widely accepted and are largely shunned by tourists in favour of using bank cards. Most people simply withdraw cash from the ATM abroad using their standard …

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Top 10 Spanish Wine Regions

Ribera del Duero wine tours from Madrid and Bilbao

There are more than 5,500 wineries in Spain occupying around 1.2 million hectares of land. The country is the world’s 3rd largest producer after France and Italy. There’s a great variety of wines produced in the wine regions of Spain (Denominaciones de Origen) ranging from the quality reds of Ribera …

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