Almunecar Beaches

Although there are in the region of 25 Almunecar beaches and coves stretching from Cabria in the east to La Herradura in the west there are only a few main ones that you’re likely to come across during your stay. Most beaches have fine grey sand and might be stoney depending on how stormy the weather has been. None offer golden sand.

Geographically from east to west the main beaches are as follows:

  • Playa Pozuelo
  • Playa El Tesorillo
  • Playa Velilla
  • Playa Puerta del Mar
  • Playa San Cristóbal
  • Playa de Cotobro
  • Playa del Muerto
  • Playa de Berengueles
  • Playa de La Herradura
  • Playa de Cantarriján

In Taramay our favourite beach is Playa El Tesorillo which is just to the west of the Hotel Bahia Tropical.  This is a small but charming beach overlooked by an ancient watchtower. The water goes deep quickly and it’s a nice place to swim but be very careful in anything but perfect conditions as two British tourists have drowned here. Nice spot for a pizza or cocktail in the evening at Tesorillo Chill Out. They also do lunchtime paellas.

Just to the east beyond the Hotel Bahia Tropical is Playa Pozuelo which is much shallower for entering the water so is more suited to young children. Iguana Playa rents out sunbeds and its position overlooking the beach is an ideal spot from which to have a cold beer in the shade during the day and it’s a nice spot to dine in the evening with fabulous sea views from their open terrace.

Across the rocks from Playa Pozuelo is Playa Calabajío (aka Playa Galera) which is shallower still with palm trees for shade so ideal for children. However, there are no facilities apart from a very high end restaurant on the beach. Further east beyond the headland where the Hotel Playacalida dominates the skyline is Playa de Cabria where you’ll find a quiet beach with a couple of nice restaurants hidden away.

West of Playa El Tesorillo is Playa Velilla which is one of Almunecar’s main beaches catering mainly to all the people staying in the numerous apartment blocks running along the coast road here. It ends at the Aqua Tropic waterpark where Playa Puerta del Mar begins. This is the town’s main beach which runs as far as El Peñon del Santo, the large cross below the castle in the town centre.

On the other side of the cross is Playa San Cristóbal which runs all along the front of western Almunecar until it becomes the small but charming bay which is known as Playa de Cotobro. All along Velilla, Puerta del Mar and San Cristóbal there are plenty bars, restaurants and shops. Beyond these main beaches of Almunecar the next beach of note is Playa del Muerto which is recognised as a nudist beach.

Playa de Berengueles is just beyond Marina del Este where you’ll find the lively Marina Playa beach bar and access to scuba and snorkelling. Playa de La Herradura is a 2km long horseshoe shaped bay which is a quaint resort in its own right. Finally, the isolated (semi-nudist) beach at Playa de Cantarriján is worth a mention as it’s tucked away at the bottom of a steep hillside. A good place to get away from it all but a little tricky to get to. Look out for the access road after going under the Cerro Gordo tunnel on the old Malaga road. It has a restaurant in the summer months.

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