Paradors of Spain

Paradors of Spain are luxury hotels which are mainly housed in ancient buildings such as medieval castles, Arab fortresses, monasteries, ancient manor houses and palaces. All of them have been refurbished and operate to the highest modern standards. They are luxurious places to stay combining outstanding architecture with fascinating history, gourmet cuisine, ambience and impeccable service. They are truly unique places to stay when you visit Spain.

The idea of converting such historic buildings into state run hotels dates back to 1926 when King Alfonso XIII gave his support to the idea of rescuing and restoring landmark sites in Spain as well as promoting tourism in lesser known parts of the country. The first Parador opened in the Gredos mountains to the west of Madrid in 1928. Today there are 91 paradors located all over Spain of which roughly a third are historic buildings. The others are tastefully designed lodgings constructed in styles befitting their regions, often located in picturesque villages or idyllic coastal spots.

Parador Routes

Spain Parador

Parador de Toledo

Because there are now so many Paradors spread throughout Spain it is possible to plan a whole holiday around them. Particular routes that are recommended include: the land of Don Quijote, a tour of Andalucia’s white villages, discovering the Pyrenees and a journey along the pilgrim’s trail of the Camino de Santiago. Such routes are recommended on the official Parador website.

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Our Favourite Paradors

Having travelled around Spain over many years I’ve been privileged enough to see many of these fine buildings. Now my aim is to stay in them all. Below are just a few that spring to mind as favourites though there are many others I could add to the list. This just gives you a taste of what the Paradors are about:

Toledo Parador
This is a relatively modern building but the views across to Toledo are so stunning that you must consider it if you’re visiting the city.

Leon Parador
This is recognised as one of the finest of all the Paradors. Historically it was home to the Order of Santiago (a group of knights charged with protecting journeying pilgrims). The building was expanded and converted into a monastery some 400 years later.

Jaen Parador
If you’re driving down to Granada from Madrid you should seriously consider a night here. It was originally built by the Moors in the 10th century on a cliff high above town which you can spot from the main road over to your right.

Hostal de Los Reyes Católicos, Santiago de Compostela
This place is stunning and is recognised as one of the finest hotels in Europe. Originally it was a hospice for pilgrims who were completing the Camino de Santiago. Standing right in the main square next to the Cathedral bookings need to be made well in advance.

Booking Paradors

You can book Paradors at their official website but the process can be a little tedious at times. Alternatively, you can browse and book Paradors on the Venere Hotels website. Below are links to their booking pages: