San Antonio Travel Guide

Although San Antonio is trying to transform its media reputation as a ‘lager lout’ destination it has a long way to go. Admittedly, there are some nice bars and restaurants in the vicinity and there’s easy access to some fine beaches but its ‘Ibiza Uncovered’ fuelled reputation is still mainly justified. Such a reputation ensures that the resort remains an 18-30 destination, at least in the peak summer months, which families should avoid. If this description sounds great then read on.

San Antonio Nightlife

On an island known for its exciting nightlife and fast-paced style San Antonio is famous for hard partying. In coming to San Antonio you’re heading into a sea of opportunity in terms of all night parties, dancing and bar-hopping so be prepared for anything. If this is your idea of a summer holiday then San Antonio is a fine choice and will suit you better than any of Ibiza’s other resorts. By day the streets are quiet as revellers sleep off the previous night’s excesses and only start to liven up in time for sundown. The peak summer months of July and August are the wildest whilst a more family atmosphere prevails outside these months.

San Antonio Apartments
Nightclub in San Antonio

Typically a night in San Antonio begins on the Sunset Strip which is lined with bars and restaurants catering for the pre-nightclub crowd. Although there are plenty ‘here-today, gone tomorrow’ bars and cafes it’s well worth checking out Café del Mar which is located directly on the strip as it is a perfect spot to watch the sunset. At this popular locale you can check out the local scene while enjoying the music. The nearby Mambo and Savannah bars are other popular haunts.

San Antonio Clubs

The San Antonio waterfront is a great spot for Ibiza clubs. Eden is one of the newer clubs to the area but it’s already made a name for itself with its impressive sound system and legendary foam parties. Eden can hold up to 5,000 visitors and the club seems to be trying to please them all. You’ll find a range of different music being played which varies from night to night and even from hour to hour. Keep in mind that Eden is one of the few clubs with a dress code so make sure you dress accordingly. Beachwear and football shirts are not allowed.

As large as Eden and just as noisy, Es Paradis showcases a variety of talent in a number of different ways. The music played at Es Paradis is quite eclectic and above the dance floor you’ll find a podium for professional exhibitionists. The atmosphere of Es Paradis contrasts nicely with the stripped down feel of Eden and you can enjoy a lush environment of marble and well-maintained greenery. Keep an eye out for the notorious water parties which always ensure a full house.

Should you want to get out of San Antonio and experience some of the other main Ibiza clubs then all you need to do is climb aboard the Discobus which will transport you to Amnesia in 15 minutes and the main nightlife attractions of Ibiza Town and Playa d’en Bossa in 30 minutes.

San Antonio Beaches

As well as the nightlife of San Antonio the excellent beaches in the area are another important attraction. The resort itself doesn’t have a great beach but you’re only a short bus or ferry ride from many great sandy beaches nearby such as Cala Vadella and Cala Tarida to the south of San Antonio Bay and Cala Gració and Cala Salada to the north. Ferries also provide longer excursions along the west coast providing stunning views of Ibiza’s coastline. Another great mini-excursion is to jump aboard the San Antonio Express. This is a little road train which shuttles visitors out to the nearby Santa Ines valley and continues on to El Mirador which is a great viewpoint overlooking the whole island.

San Antonio Restaurants

There are an enormous number of restaurants in San Antonio catering for all comers. Many change hands year after year so cannot be recommended here as they may have changed name by the time you read this. For a generally more upmarket bar and restaurant scene get away from the Strip and head for the Club Nautico where you’ll find some fine charming locales overlooking the marina, many offering excellent live music. A couple of better class restaurants near to San Antonio which deserve a mention are Sa Capella and the Banyan Palace. The first is on the the edge of town and is housed in a former monastery where great seafood dishes are served on their outdoor terrace. The Banyan Palace in Port d’es Torrent to the south is a top quality Thai restaurant.

San Antonio Bay & Port d’es Torrent

Just to the south of the main resort of San Antonio is San Antonio Bay which extends to the neighbouring resort of Port d’es Torrent. This bay area has its own fine beach yet it is only a short walk from the Strip giving visitors the best of both worlds. This area is much more family orientated with plenty tourist facilities. The nearby Cala Bassa is a popular beach with bus and ferry services into San Antonio.

Map of San Antonio Bay

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