Granada Restaurants

Granada isn’t known for its culinary delights but you’ll find a few excellent restaurants making the most of local produce from the nearby sea and mountains. Some have privileged locations with stunning views of the floodlit Alhambra at night.

Mirador de Morayma

Address: C/ Pianista García Carrillo,  2 958 228 290
Located in a typical Granadino villa in the Albaicín with views across to the Alhambra. Local produce such as artichokes, asparagus and Riofría sturgeon are typical in the dishes on offer.  Stunning view.


Address: Plaza del Campillo,  9 958 223 364
Restaurant located in the centre of Granada with bar and dining-room based on Andalusian and Granada-style cuisine. Anchovies salad with roast peppers, Chikito codfish, “piononos”. Summer terrace.  Closed on Wednesdays.


Address: Plaza Pescadería,  14 958 250 777

Granada’s top seafood restaurant located in the historic quarter near the cathedral. Specialities include “quisquillas” from Motril on the coast of Granada, fish stew (zarzuela), assorted grilled fish (parrillada) and rice with seafood in a “caldereta”.  Closed Sunday evenings and Mondays

El Claustro

Address: Gran Vía Colón,  31-32 958 805 740

El Claustro specialises in dishes created from local produce such as Remojón Granadino (a mixed salad containing cooked potatoes and grilled peppers and garlic). Ox sirloin with duck liver is an interesting option whilst there are a variety of dishes using mango and avocado from Granada’s tropical valleys.

El Huerto de Juan Ranos

Address: Callejón de Atarazana,  8 958 286 925

Idyllic setting in a villa with a garden in front of the Alhambra. The restaurant serves up traditional local cuisine of the region such as partridge and other dishes of Magrebi origin.  Stunning views. Closed Mondays.

La Chumbera

Address: Camino del Sacromonte   107 958 215 647

Located in a cave in the Sacromonte gipsy district with views over the city. La Chumbera offers modern and well prepared dishes such as pork with thyme and black pudding.  Closed Sundays.

Ruta del Veleta

Address: Carretera de Sierra Nevada,  136 958 486 134

Located 5km outside Granada in Cenes de la Vega. Excellent Spanish restaurant offering grilled meats, fish dishes baked in salt and regional specialities including wild boar cooked with apples.  Closed for dinner on Sundays.


Address: C/ Oficios 12 958 221 223

A former haunt of Lorca and his crowd, this city centre restaurant overlooking the Royal Chapel has been serving up typical Granadino dishes since the 1930s.  Closed Mondays, no dinner Sundays.

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