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Very few Real Madrid tickets go on public sale because in spite of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium’s capacity of 85,454 most seats are taken up by season ticket holders (‘socios’). There are ticket booths (‘taquillas’) next to gate 42 of the stadium on Calle Concha Espina but rarely are any tickets available. If you’re travelling specifically for a match then you should order tickets from the list below which you can collect in Madrid or have them delivered to your hotel.

Match Day
Order Match Tickets
April 12th or 13thReal Madrid v AlmeriaLa Liga
April 26th or 27thReal Madrid v OsasunaLa Liga
May 3rd or 4thReal Madrid v ValenciaLa Liga
May 17th or 18thReal Madrid v EspanyolLa Liga

Match Day & Kick-Off Times

Real Madrid Football ClubUnfortunately the Spanish FA doesn’t release information regarding what games will be televised until about 10 days before a match. Therefore, when planning your visit you must ensure that you are in Madrid between the Saturday afternoon and the Monday morning for your chosen weekend.  Confirmed kick off times first appear at the Spanish FA Website.

Ticket Booking & Collection or Delivery in Madrid

Once you have selected your match above you will be redirected to the Ticketbureau sales site. Just follow their ordering instructions. The tickets can be delivered to the hotel you specify when booking. Please book the hotel in the same name as you book the tickets to avoid confusion. You can complete the booking process and inform us of your Madrid hotel if you haven’t yet booked it.

Alternatively, you can choose to collect your tickets at one of our numerous ticket outlets in the city. Once you have completed the online booking process you will receive an automated confirmation email containing an 8 digit number. This is your reference number for any further contact with Ticketbureau.

Ticket Touts in Madrid

On the day of a match touts congregate outside gate 42 and it is possible to buy from them. Prices are very high and don’t believe anyone showing you a postcard of the stadium and showing you what a great seat he is selling to you. In addition, forgeries have been found at the big games and plain clothed policemen often patrol this area to discourage the black market. This is a method to be avoided. An email we received after the Real Madrid v Barcelona game last season informed us that “…. I was advised not to take any ticket off the touts as 98% of them are fake so I watched the game from a bar beside the stadium.”

Useful Links

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium
Here’s some useful information about Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu Stadium including how to get to there from the city centre.

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Tour
You can stadium tours of the Bernabeu but not on the day of a match or the day afterwards.  Please note that we do not arrange the tours but simply provide you with information about them.

Real Madrid Official Website
Learn more about Real Madrid on their Official Website in English.

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