Costa del Sol Weather

One of the most common questions we’ve been asked over the years of running this is website is “What will the weather be like on the Costa del Sol in MONTH”. Ten years ago I’d have confidently been able to give you a fairly reliable answer but in these days of global warming I tend to sit on the fence if people are visiting during the off season as weather patterns have certainly changed and can’t be predicted with the certainty of not so long ago. Having said that you’re not likely to have any great problems with the weather if you’re heading down to the south of Spain during the summer months.

The tourist brochures don’t lie when they claim that this region gets over 300 days of annual sunshine, so you’d be very unlucky to have anything but great weather during July and August. June and September aren’t necessarily as reliable but again it’s fair to say that you can expect great weather during those months. In temperature terms you can expect it to reach around 30ºC during those peak summer months with little or no rain. The odd summer storm is often a welcome respite from the soaring heat. Personally I’d aim to visit the region in May, June or September when temperatures are still very nice but with the added advantage that places are often more relaxed outside school holidays.

Golfers often refer to the region as the ‘Costa del Golf‘ which isn’t surprising considering conditions for the sport are idyllic and attract players all year round. Certainly May, June and September are great months for golf tourism but the region is also popular during the winter months when daytime temperatures average around 16ºC. For holidaymakers there’s an element of luck involved in what your weather will be like during these off peak months. Daytime temperatures will most likely be very pleasant with a bit of a chill in the evening. As for rain, you never know. Rainy days certainly occur during the winter and are fairly unpredictable though they rarely last more than a few days. Not much use if you’re only there for a week I suppose!

In summary … peak summer (July/August) will most likely be fabulous weather, May, June and September are usually some of the best months to visit, and the winter is generally very mild but rather unpredictable. To get a general picture of what you can expect take a look at the two graphs at the bottom of the page which show temperature and rainfall figures all year round.

Weather in Malaga

If you’re visiting the city of Malaga you can expect the weather to be more or less the same as what has been described above because the Costa del Sol weather station is based just a few kilometres along the coast at Benalmadena Costa. In addition the graphs below are applicable. Such a mild climate with many months of beautiful blue skies make Malaga an ideal destination for a short city break throughout the year.

Costa del Sol Temperature

Costa del Sol Rainfall